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For you to follow this discourse please refer to the initial blog post written on 01/01/2018

Self-esteem and confidence are crucial, but they are not dependent on what you look like. Getting past the obsession with the outside of our bodies is the key to developing a positive perception of our own bodies……Positive body image or body positivity.

Beauty is something you teach yourself overtime. Remember beauty comes from the inside, taste and style change with society.

Focus less on physical attributes because beauty is limitless. See beyond the material possession! Or the want to be like another. We need to change the way we view attractiveness, not just the rigid narrow interpretation force fed lies we see in the media.

Start looking at what your body can do. Do not be convinced or deceived that your self-worth as a woman comes from how you look, that we are a decorative class and should be judged accordingly.

We are all here to decorate the world…both men and women, but very little of that goal gets accomplished from just standing there and looking pretty.

Redefine your standard of beauty by changing your entire focus away from the flat 2-dimensional photographic idea of being beautiful and towards a more 3-diensional idea of doing beautiful. If you change the way you look at things. The things you look at will change. You are capable of more than just looking hot. Women do not exist for the viewing pleasure of others.

We must stop looking for guidance on how to be beautiful because we can be our own compasses. Imagine the plasticity of human physical beauty in life drawing class, the more you discover how easily a single pencil line can bring a face closer or farther away from what is currently considered beautiful, the more you cherish the spontaneity of non-conformance.

See more by redefining beauty for yourself. Be more by refusing to be defined by beauty. Accept what the divine creator gave you. Strive to be the best version of yourself.

We need to see more in other to be more, more than objects, more than beautiful, more than a body. We have to be able to see more in our media and cultural messages that objectify and distort our views of beauty, health, and individual work. Only then we can see more in especially ourselves and everyone around us.

Eat healthy food, get enough rest, exercise and pay close attention to your personal hygiene. Do not tie your beauty to creams, clothes, hair, and number on the scale etc. What about your kindness, your spirit, your zest for life, your passion and purpose. Discover who you truly are. Be sure that your definition includes a daily appreciation of all the wonderful things your body does.

Accept yourself, become comfortable in your own skin. See beauty in absolutely everything other than the external body. There is beauty already in all of us. It’s not something you have to put on. Do not let the society label you!

Embrace who you are as a person. “Just like the rose you are more than enough”. Everyone is beautiful, we have bodies, minds, eyes, hands and hearts that can do amazing things. Uniqueness, personality, confidence make us beautiful.

You are more than a body, see more, be more and say more!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a redefined and beautiful week.

Express your positivity to the full.

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