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BIG QUESTION: Who are we? How are we defining beauty? What do we see as beautiful?

Beauty is defined in most unattainable ways by the media. Women are defined by beauty by the media….beauty first and the bodies second. It is really exhausting to be told what beauty should look like.

Ever thought that………….if tomorrow, women woke up and decided they really liked their bodies, just think of how many industries would go out of business……hair, personal care, cosmetics, make up, body fixers/plastic surgeries, clothing to mention but a few. These industries are built on the insecurities of women and they position themselves as trying to help women attain happiness and success.  They do this by equating a particular standard of beauty with prosperity and affluence in all aspects of life, be it career or romantic. Often this standard is unattainable allowing a constant stream of purchases or addictive one could say in the hopes of improving their lives. When the idea of beauty remains unattainable, it may seem impossible to truly be satisfied with oneself. Redefining your beauty here lies an intelligent and wise choice. The society’s definition is not the only one. Remember beauty is not the ultimate goal.

Beauty is not uni-dimensional, it is being shamelessly you, unique, singular, unrepeatable, self-acceptance. Beauty shouldn’t be easily defined.

So many times we confuse “my body” with “how my body looks” and think ourselves from an outside perspective. This is called “self-objectification”. The vital point is that our body is far more important as an instrument for use than it is an ornament to admire……….Lindsay and Lexie Kite, PhD.

Who teaches real beauty? Beauty without shade!! Colorism is not only a problem, it values one shade of skin over another. “Black comes in all shades”, what’s your shade?

Pale skin was considered incredibly beautiful for a long time in history. Real beauty is deeper than the colour of your skin. In order to appeal to the powerful discourse of “natural beauty” in many societies, most products claim to restore the natural beauty of skin (if it is lost), reveal the natural beauty of skin (if it is hidden), or create a natural beauty (if the consumer never had it to begin with). All of these claims are supported with compelling before and after photos.

Ads use copy such as, “reveal your natural beauty” to appeal to consumers’ need to feel like their achieved light skin is theirs by birth-right.

Your body is not a before and after. It is now normative in many societies to view the body as a “work in progress”. People no longer view the human body as “given,” but increasingly seen it as changeable.

The blind man’s expression of beauty relies on the non-verbal senses to tell him the truth and that’s the real expression of beauty.

The overwhelming influx of messages of images of beautiful actresses and models we are exposed to is like having too much salt in your diet. It narrows your pallet or taste buds. To regain your pallet, cut back on the salt and start eating a wide variety of good food. To change your standard of beauty, you have to cut back on the media defined beauty and start looking for it elsewhere.

2 ways to cut back:

  • Lower your consumption and recognize the flaws in people presented as perfectly beautiful. View the media images from your perspective. (Airbrushing and photo-shopping makes all the difference).
  • Expand your pallet – View different cultural perspectives of beauty… expression, movement, laughter, mood, personality inflect people you know with more or less attractiveness.


To be continued tomorrow…………….

Have a redefined and beautiful week.

Express your positivity to the full.

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