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Beauty in Black Women Empowerment Program is part of the BIBF empowerment program BIBEP that is dedicated to providing health education and capacity development support to women to encourage personal development, informed choice of health behaviour and community leadership. The idea aims to support the women to achieve the highest degree of self-confidence and help them realize their potentials thereby bridging inequality and discrimination.

In this program, we provide vocational training to women on basic training on how to produce ingredients transparent cosmetic end products using natural raw materials. The basic training subsequently gives way to advanced training for a select group who showed enthusiasm and willingness to go into entrepreneurship. The multidisciplinary modular training features experts in dermatology, public health, cosmetology and entrepreneurship.”

Our goal is to establish a knowledge management platform for women. In the face of a dwindling national economy, BIBWEP aims to provide women with the right skills and knowledge tool that will enable them to tackle jobs and financial challenges in their personal lives and families by utilizing available local resources and applicable skills to support community services that will translate to Micro Small and Medium Scale Enterprises, while maximizing the benefits of scaled entrepreneurship ventures on the long-term.

Like the usual saying goes “empowering women is like empowering a nation”. This program is essential to unlock the creative and entrepreneurship potential in women by empowering them to take an active role in pursuit of their life goals and aspirations through capacity development, mentorship, and promoting healthy living strategies.

By domesticating these skills, many women will override the annual cost of purchasing body creams in their various families thereby not only saving cost but also remain accountable for the ingredients in their personal care products.

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