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Our mission is to work with community stakeholders/partners to empower Women, youths and adolescents to take an active role in their total health by understanding and being responsive to their choice of beauty products and health care needs through education, screenings and promoting healthy living strategies in their respective communities.


Our Vision is to achieve the highest degree of self-confidence in all women, youths and adolescents in their own natural skin colour without undermining their self-esteem and inner beauty.


A true confession from the founder: I have always been obsessed with cosmetics. With each addicted purchase, I felt I was one step closer to that girl I ever wanted to be; the confident, chemical defined lovable version of me. I could spend hours decorating myself in a chase to finally become whom I have always wanted to be: the deceptive and much acclaimed MAKEOVER.

Years passed on; I toyed and played around with known exclusive brands, playing the tricks in my head to exactly figure out how I could stay loyal to the upper end brand experience while seducing myself to prove my worth.

These days, I lure myself to my self-made, toxic free preparations. I am no longer focused much on what beauty products can do to change me but rather what I can do to change them.

Redefining the ideals of beauty in this fast growing world is all I am focused on, changing and creating awareness at a time.

Having been a victim severally, I had no idea until I got hold of this campaign. We must learn to question things to find out more. It’s an endless search for truth that leads to more truth that leads to more truth. Devastating but worse if truth is not discovered.

Beauty in Black Foundation is a story of recreating our world towards a vision of better you, healthy you and informed you. In the choices we make every day, starting with our cosmetics/personal care products, every single one of us can help turn that wheel of change. This story is not mine alone but yours as well because today, we all share something unshared by countless generations of humans who lived before us, we carry man-made pollutants in our bodies. We inhale these toxins from the air, drink them in the water, eat them in our food, spray them around our homes and rub them on our bodies.

So science now demonstrates what our ancestors have been saying all along, the environment is not out there, but in here. The same poisons running through the rivers are running through our veins.

As the awareness heightens in the developed countries, the developing countries remain a dump site, uninformed and in the dark, mercilessly targeted because we not only lack education, poverty is our worse omen. We receive highly misleading information. Cosmetic and personal care products are of much concern.

This lack of awareness informed the need to set up Beauty in Black foundation Campaign.

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