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Our Process

Beauty in black foundation is an adolescent, youth and women centred non-governmental organisation founded basically to promote the beauty of natural skin and to control the growing threat of skin bleaching. We educate, empower and advocate for the body rights of women especially black women who are most involved in this harmful body modification practice. We use very simple all-inclusive positive models without stigmatizing those are involved in this practice. We support body positivity and positive body image.

We work with all categories of women without DISCRIMINATION! And so promote the concept of INCLUSIVITY, EQUALITY and DIVERSITY.

Our organisation aims to reduce the prevalence and impact of skin whitening/bleaching through: Widespread education on the damaging physical, psychological and social effects of the toxic chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products, Capacity building through basic training on how to make transparent cosmetics with available natural and organic resources while offering opportunities for entrepreneurship to so many who will be interested in taking their skills to commercial level and finally advocacy to the key international, regional and national decision makers for the development of policies required to control the manufacturing and commercialization of these products and to discourage their use. We collectively engage all sectors in the community for the success of this cause.

We Support The SDGs

BIBF supports the SDGs to ensure inclusive and equitable education and promote lifelong learning and economic opportunities for all women through our programs

  • The Mission of Beauty in Black Foundation is to promote the overall image of the black women through widespread advocacy campaign and sensitization on the health hazards of skin bleaching, conduct training on how to perfect existing pure and natural resources into transparent cosmetic end products both domestically and entrepreneurially.
  • To provide opportunities and enabling platform for adolescents, youths and young adults to acquire critical life skills such as social and economic competencies to become self-starters and role models in their communities through mind orientation and social entrepreneurships.

  • Our Vision is to achieve the highest degree of self-confidence in all black women in their own natural skin colour without undermining their self-esteem and inner beauty.
  • To create an adolescent and youth friendly focused environment and mentored safe spaces to provide opportunities for basic to enhance basic core competencies to reduce social and economic barriers to employment enabling them to become public role models and entrepreneurs.

Our Core Values The guiding principles behind BIBF operations


Have the courage to rise above challenges, work through adversity and inspire others


Imagine what is possible. Foster creativity that challenges and drives progress.


Exceed expectation, value continuous improvement and take intense pride in everything we do..


Genuinely care for others by looking through the eyes of the other person, the person in need


Openly communicating, actively listening, challenging ideas and processes.


Uphold the highest ethical standard and promote trust and respect.


Setting reasonable expectations to achieve best possible outcome..

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