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Join our Community and share your experience, inspire others and relay the stories of those impacted by our mission. In BIBMED we share our stories to inspire others.


We appreciate and celebrate our workers through:
• Retreat/Get together.
• Recognition through awards and certificates


We welcome health care and non-health care partners/organisations for partnerships and sponsorships. Mutual benefits include:
• Publicity
• Access to quality and affordable health care for the clients
• Continuous medical education and awareness for the beneficiaries
• Expanded and continued partnership for the partners and sponsors
• Opportunities for products and service marketing for partners and sponsors


BIBMED wants to hear about the impact of our outreach activities please take your time to fill out our review form below so we can:
• Highlight them on the BIBF Web site, publications or social medial platforms
• Learn from your innovations and ideas.
• Improve our program for the future!

BIBMED is an aspect of Beauty in Black Foundation, an initiative that connects medical and non-medical volunteers with partner organization sponsoring medical missions all over Nigeria.

Thrilled by the impact of the integration of medical screenings during our programmes considering the uniqueness of our audience made of primarily women and youths, we came up with this initiative.

It is an initiative aimed at exposing all categories of health care workers, public health students, medical students, para-medics, and researchers to do medical outreach services. Our programs includes Health projects, Health Research, Educational projects and Social projects.

We are extremely versatile, working and collaborating with all work places including schools, Faith based organisations, rural communities, social institutions, corporate organisations etc while covering all age ranges.

Our services are relatively free for both medical volunteers and the partner medical organisations but the cost of consumables could be sponsored or donated.


The goal of BIBMED is to connect healthcare providers with partner organizations to communities sponsoring medical missions by offering a free and reasonable quality health care opportunities and medical mission trips. These include short and long-term medical volunteer opportunities domestically and internationally.

The medical outreach aims at bridging the gap in health care by bringing health care to the door step to enhance the health of people living in various communities. We welcome medical volunteers/medical professionals and partner organisations from all over Nigeria and beyond for various mission opportunities.


BIBMED connects healthcare volunteers and partners with mission-centred organizations, increasing access to quality healthcare around Nigeria.


Use their time and talents to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.


Connect Medical organizations and partners with motivated health care professionals, medical volunteers and non-medical personnel. We seek to provide opportunities for medical professionals and non-medical personnel to use their skills to provide quality health care for both the rich and poor especially the poor where access or ability to reach quality health may be hindered geared towards improving health standards and promoting a good health seeking behaviour among community members.


Extremely versatile, working and collaborating with all work places including schools, Faith based organisations, rural communities, social institutions, corporate organisations etc while covering all age ranges

Interested in Volunteering or Sponsoring BIBMED Campaigns

Volunteer as an individual or as part of a team and bring your healthcare expertise to the missions, organizations and teams. BIBMED works around Nigeria to deliver access to healthcare for those who might otherwise have none or needs it. Get started with your mission search today by creating your online profile.
Organisations/communities seeking BIBMED services to sponsor. Help BIBMED deliver healthcare access to staff members or community members who might otherwise have none or need it.
      • General consultation and primary care
      • Reproductive cancers screening……cervical and breast cancer, Prostate cancer screening
      • Blood pressure check
      • Random Blood Glucose check
      • Body Mass Index calculation
      • Blood cholesterol check
      • Eye check
      • Health Education/Promotion……changing focus from cure to prevention
      • Screening for diseases e.g. HIV, food handlers tests
      • Adolescent Reproductive Health……Heart to heart interaction
      • School Health Programme and services
      • Referrals and linkages for specialist care
      • First AID
      • Occupational Health services
      • Emergency pharmacy

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