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The monitoring and evaluation of Beauty in Black Foundation project conducts a systematic assessment and evaluation of activity, programme, strategy, theme, and policy, and routine data collection to track and measure level of impact of the intervention on the targeted population. Our project monitoring and evaluation framework provides evidence-based information that is credible, reliable and useful. The findings, recommendations and lessons of the evaluation should be used to inform the future decision-making and learning processes regarding the programme. M&E plan will allow us to establish internal and external resources used and result obtained, and further inform decisions on future projects and generally empower the beneficiary of the foundation

However, the project evaluation mechanisms will use data and information collected from subsequent monitoring activities and the observations gathered from the experience sharing to improve programme activities in the future and will be useful to understand the ways in which the project and programmes developed has stimulated change. Our evaluation process will provide an analysis or the interpretation of the collected data which will connect the relationship between the results produced by the programme and the attainment of the project goals and objectives.

Monitoring and evaluation of Beauty in Black Foundation programmes will take a number of different levels depending on the key intervention aimed to be evaluated. Our evaluation system will track the achievement of the organizational goals and will analyse the scope of activities and strategies being designed and implemented during the programme and the overall impact of the project.

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